Mindflayers (Prologue)

Level 19


AC: 16
HP: 220
Speed: 25 feet walk; 50 feet teleport
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 20
Charisma: 11

Experience: 350
Gold: 125

Attack— 4 to attack rolls. Deals 1d615 plus Strength modifier worth of bludgeoning damage.

Arcane Magic— Can cast Arcane magic up to level 4 spells.

Camouflage— In a Mindflayer’s favoured terrain (Caves, Caverns and Ruins), Mindflayers can become undetectable to the naked eye. Unless a DC 16 Perception roll is successful.


Mindflayers (Prologue)

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