The Eternal

Chapter 2-2
Reunion of Enemies

After departing from the conversation from the day before, the party awakes to discuss plans concerning how they were going to get into Eraquas’ mansion to rescue Cyrus and, possibly, dispose of Eraquas himself. Seran, confident of their abilities, shouted them breakfast and told them that he was going to lead them to a well-known acquaintance of his that knows of a way to get them inside.

After about an hour, the party heads out into the town and, with nostalgia tickling at Darunia’s senses, Seran leads them to an alleyway, stopping halfway. As the party waited, Skalli noticed a cloaked figure attempting to stay hidden in the shadows between the alleyway entrance. After some coaxing, the figure appears and reveals himself to be Xehanort (although, not without some quiet conversation), Travor’s assistant.

With what seemed to be flicks of his wrists, Xehanort manages to dispel the magical illusion blocking the back entrance to Travor’s home and the party enters. Travor makes his appearance known, albeit, with some practical jokes beforehand. After brief conversations, Travor, who only looks to be a child, the party agrees to have their clothing changed by illusions into something that seemed as if they were working for Travor. Xehanort officially introduces himself to the group.

While forming the illusions for everyone, Travor has a discussion with Lillith about her arcane knowledge and experience. Furthermore, the young boy mentions a College that he once attended but left since he found it boring. Giving the offer for Lillith to go to the College to continue studying, and she agreed, leading to her departure from the group.

Meanwhile, the party agrees to split up once they get to the Chateau. Going into the Chateau  to rescue Cyrus was Darunia, Skalli, Xehanort and Aldis while Zarola, Seran and Travor pretended to be setting up the fireworks around the enormous Chateau grounds. Travelling to the Chateau in a carriage that Travor had already prepared fireworks in it, the party comes across an Elven archer also disguised by Travor’s illusions named Eryne.

Without further distractions, the party enters the main ballroom of the Eraquas Chateau—an enormous and illustrious marble construct. While spending their time in the ballroom, attempting to figure out a way to sneak out into the main building itself to find Cyrus, the party decides to split up only briefly. 

While Darunia, Skalli and Aldis approach a makeshift bar at the end of the massive hall, Aldis is recognised by two figures who approach the group and introduce themselves as Emperor Richter de Senzario and Anton Nillia. After brief, somewhat condescending words to Aldis and his newfound friends, they depart and disappear into the crowd. Meanwhile, Darunia continues to keep an eye out for Master Eraquas himself. 

Meanwhile, Eryne and Xehanort attempt to find a way out of the ballroom, until they come across a woman dressed in a golden dress, who introduces herself as Queen Eralda, the "ruler" of Senzario. She mistakens them for servants, and condescends them for not being as such.  

After reuniting with the group, despite Xehanort's attempts to get out of the ballroom being futile, Anton approaches the party and implores them to follow him. As they do so, Skalli and Darunia notice that Anton has no ulterior motives to help them, and Anton easily lets them through into the mansion's lobby. 

Having free reign to the rest of the mansion, the party decides to split up. Skalli and Aldis find themselves in a supply room for the mansion's many servants, with Skalli applying an invisibility spell on them both just in case. Darunia heads upstairs in an attempt to find Eraquas. 

Meanwhile, Xehanort and Eryne start heading down a nearby corridor, with Eryne heading down one adjacent to the large staircase Darunia went up, and found a locked door. She picked the lock with ease, while Xehanort, attempting to be sneaky, was discovered by two guards, who quickly initiated combat with the rogue. 

Eryne, Darunia, Skalli and Aldis hear the guards and attempt to make it to assist their friend. Despite reinforcements appearing to assist the guards, the party manages to mow them down with ease. Again, the party decides to go their separate ways. Darunia returns upstairs, while Xehanort checks the corridor where he found the guards and the rest of the party discovered a path to the basement of the mansion. 

Upstairs, Darunia discovers Eraquas' location alongside twenty other individuals in a large room. Knowing too well that he will be outnumbered, Darunia finds himself in Eraquas' quarters. He proceeds to then urinate on the bed and, taking a head from the guard below, placed it onto the bed to make it seem link someone was asleep in it. Moving to another door, Darunia notices a balcony overlooking the courtyard. Darunia then proceeds to move furniture to block the door. He succeeded to some degree, only making some noticeable noise when trying to move a larger sofa from the upstairs lobby. Darunia stops what he was doing and heads back downstairs. 

Xehanort sneaked down the corridor where he found the guards, and in doing so, came across suspicious looking statues. With some keen eye, he notices that the statues themselves had a small circular indentation on their mouths. Successfully traversing the traps, only managing to set one off but resisting the poisonous effect of the darts, Xehanort comes across a chest containing fifteen poison arrows. 

Downstairs, the rest of the party eventually finds Cyrus, rescuing him. He disperses the invisibility over Skalli and Aldis, and they start to head out of the dungeons. Before they do so, Xehanort comes down and checks out a room, finding playing cards and some gold, as well as finding a mutilated body in one of the remaining prison cells. Darunia charges through the basement, passing the group, and barging through the quarters of the guards, where a lone guard slept. Darunia violently interrogates the guard, before Cyrus and the party appear in the doorway. Darunia rejoins them, not before knocking the lone guard unconscious. 

As the party devised a getaway plan, Darunia admitted that Eraquas possibly knew of their presence after his failed attempt at moving the sofa, to which the party agreed to be quick. 

As they make it out into the courtyard, the party is met with a congregation headed by Eraquas himself. Seran, Zarola and Travor were all being held hostage by about ten of Eraquas' people. 

After a small conversation, a long and arduous battle ensues, leaving Darunia unconscious, but revived, and Seran unconscious until the end of battle. After Eraquas was struck down by Eryne's arrows, Darunia proceeds to behead him, gut him and quickly takes him to the balcony that he had seen and flings the body over it, displaying the head as if it were mounted on a pike. 

Meanwhile, Travor prepares the carriage and the party escapes the Chateau, possibly freeing the town of Leanora from the corrupt crime lord.  

Chapter 2-1
The Problem with Cyrus

The next morning, the party awoke to the sound of preparations being made around the guild. Having lost their guild-master, people were beginning to become concerned. With that, the party decided to head straight to Alron Magus' shop in the market district. 

Coming upon a strange, run-down place, the party was welcomed by an elderly gentleman they discovered was Alron Magus himself. He spoke of his brother, Aulron and, after a brief conversation with the group, recharged Darunia's Ruby Battleaxe. 

After a bit of prying, the party also learns of Alron and Aulron being the same person. During on of his various magical experiments, a curious Alron managed to split himself into two people, aging him in the process. Alron represents his intelligent and curious side, whereas Aulron represents his courage and strength. Alron then asks the party to assist him if they ever have the chance to, to which they agree. 

With that, the party heads off from Etria's western gates towards Leanora. As they travel across a hilly plain, they encounter a group of three Pixies. Without even attempting to discuss with the Pixies, who were minding their own business by the way, the party engaged in combat with them. With the Pixies dealt with, but not without some difficult wounds to heal, the party moves on towards Leanora. 

As they continue along the path, they are met by an envoy from Etria heading towards Leanora to attend the Carnival of Yam celebrations at the Eraquas Chateau, a place of interest in their search for Cyrus. After brief conversation, the party gain rides to Leanora. Aldis and Zarola had gone their separate ways to get inside the city walls, however. 

Within the city, the party hear whispers calling them into an alleyway and they follow to discover Aldis and Zarola had found their way inside. However, four guards (two of which the party recognised from the city entrance, appeared and declared that Eraquas knew that the Sapphire Scale Guild would send people to free Cyrus. A battle ensued. 

With the party victorious, however not without Lillith falling unconscious halfway due to the wounds inflicted by the Pixies earlier that same day, their victory was short lived as a man in a black cloak appeared as if from no where. 

He mentions of a "test" that will fall upon the world shortly and that they will all play an enormous role in that test. Darunia especially wanted to fight the figure, but before anything of the like could occur, the figure vanished, leaving the party confused and pondering his words. 

As they headed towards the docks, the seaside air being nostalgic to Darunia, the party comes across the Seaside Siren Inn. Within, Lillith, Aldis and Zarola retired to a room while Darunia and Skalli decided to stay up and chat. As they did, Darunia's old friend, Seran entered and joined them. He revealed that Darunia's old ship was destroyed a few weeks prior by a Duchy of Arian ship. 

When Seran came to, he was the only one left alive and a metallic orb (which he presents to the duo) was all that he could find. With some attempts to open the orb, to which they both fail, Darunia and Skalli handed the orb back to Seran. 

Darunia and Skalli mention their want to get into the Eraquas Chateau to find their friend, and Seran mentions Travor as the only one who could get them inside. For that, the party retired for the evening, promising to Seran to meet him in the inn's lobby to go to Travor's the next day. 

Chapter 1-2
Trials and Tribulations

After the long and arduous battle against Cu Lainn, the party discuss quickly what they are to do with the unconscious body. Eventually they settled with hogtying him and having Darunia sling the bandit leader over his shoulder, which he did with ease. 

With further investigation of the surrounding throne room, Darunia found an unusual battle-axe and quickly added it to his inventory. Skalli and Lillith found a chest with a bunch of gold and two daggers within. They shared the gold, while Skalli pocketed the daggers. Without further issues, the party departed through the same corridor they managed to come in from and made their way to Etria. 

At the southern gates, they met up with the same guard that Skalli had taken a whiff of Elder Weed with; looking slightly inebriated from the effects of the hallucinogenic substance. When they made it back to the Sapphire Scale Guild, the party was met with shock as they managed to do something that not many people had before. With Cyrus himself giving them his approval, the party had been given the amount of gold for Cu Lainn's bounty and the party went their separate ways—Skalli and Lillith went to sleep while Darunia went to the blacksmith to place Cu Lainn and to have the battle-axe checked. 

After some time, the blacksmith, Aulron managed to find out that the battle-axe had the capability to split at the top and add a fire effect to its attacks. Aulron spoke of an ancient civilisation who had once been able to imbue weapons and other things with curious machinations. As such, Darunia took the opportunity to take the weapon. 

The next day, the party was summoned to Cyrus to his own quarters. When they arrived, the party was met with the youthful gaze of a teenage boy and the cold shoulder from a teenage girl. Both looked matted and weary, as if they had traveled a long distance. 

Cyrus introduces the pair as Aldis and Zarola and advises the party that they will be training them to become part of the Sapphire Scale Guild. Skalli and Darunia took this information as if they were babysitting a group of unruly teenagers, while Lillith seemed indifferent to the whole affair. With some backchat from Zarola and tensions growing slightly to boiling point, Cyrus cools the conversation down by asking Aldis and Zarola to wait outside as he has a word to the party.

As the pair listened, not without some hesitation on Zarola's part, Cyrus revealed the pair's true identities. Aldis was the former Prince of Senzario, who was banished after being accused of murdering the King. Cyrus reveals that the Commander of the Senzaion Army, Lea, had given Aldis a letter that pertained his concerns about the event. 

As such, Cyrus was giving the party the job to train Aldis and Zarola up enough until "the time is right for Aldis to take back the throne that is rightfully his". After learning the context of the situation, the party agrees to the job and Cyrus calls the pair back inside. 

Their first job as a collective was to find a lost dog within the Moss Caves. As they do so, the party traverses the Goblin-infested Moss Caves until they come across an underground lake. There, they found the lost dog, growling and barking at something within the water.

The party is confronted by an Ogre and, despite it being a long and difficult battle, they manage to come out on top. Heading back outside, Skalli hears a voice within her mind and the party takes a slight detour to meet Pan, the patron deity of Nature and one that Skalli's people worshipped quite heavily. 

Pan mentions how his power is weakened and he fears that something terrible is coming to befall the world soon enough. He mentions that, if the party can find the Song of the Nymphs, then he may be able to regain some of his power and join them. After that conversation, the party left the Moss Caves and headed back to Etria. 

Once they had made it back to the Sapphire Scale Guild, they found Alexia slightly distraught. She mentions how her brother, Cyrus, has gone missing and might be at the port town of Leanora. With that, the party decided to rest for the night and to head off to see Alron Magus before beginning their trek towards Leanora in an attempt to rescue Cyrus.  

Chapter 1-1
Welcome to the Sapphire Scale Guild

Sometimes, fate has a funny way of working. Led to the Sapphire Scale Guild due to being sent a similar letter of invitation, three unlikely adventurers meet. Darunia Stormbane, a Half-Giant Barbarian, Skalli Yorrisdottir, a Dwarven Bard, and Lillith, a Tiefling Sorceror are given a quick tour of the guild's inhabitants, thanks in part to Darunia almost kicking the door off its hinges. 

They caught the eye of Alexia, the guild's receptionist, who informed them that the guild-master, Cyrus von Belradg would be unable to meet with them immediately. Instead, she had them turn their attention to the noticeboard. There, the party came across three separate requests. Skalli took an immediate interest in one that discussed helping a farmer taking care of vermin, while Darunia saw a symbol that looked oddly familiar on a request higher up. 

Upon further investigation, the request spoke of apprehending (not mentioned whether to be dead or alive) a deserter turned rogue named Cú Lainn. Alexia warned Darunia of the dangers of taking upon such a request without Cyrus' direct permission and how the guild has already lost some good people to this particular request; but the Half-Giant just scoffed and within moments, the party was off on their first adventure. 

Given some provisions from Alexia (including a waterskin each and 3 days worth of rations), the party set off for the Southern Gate, where they were to head towards Falswon Ruins, as depicted by the request. There they came across a guard who seemed slightly inebriated by something. Upon further inspection, Skalli was handed his smoking pipe and she took a mouthful of Elder Grass, a strong hallucinogen. After a brief moment of feeling slightly high, she felt even more invigorated than normal. With that, the party continued on their way. 

About an hour into their journey, Darunia and Skalli both felt peckish. Darunia managed to sneak up and kill a boar, which he slung over his shoulder thanks to rope, and gathered some apples, which he shared with the group. Further down their way, the party came across a bandit archer named Lavarn and his comrades. 

After a brief fight, which had Lillith casting devastating magic on Lavarn—yet not enough to do perilous harm—Darunia managed to pick up Oria, another bandit, and threaten for the others to drop their weapons, which they did without hesitation. After Lavarn and the remaining bandit fled, the party interrogated Oria, who revealed the back entrance to the Falswon Ruins. He also promised to the party to return to him after they have dealt with Cú Lainn for an unspecified reward. 

The party continued, coming across the Falswon Ruins, where they were met with ten bandits. However, through a mixture of careful negotiation and Skalli's bardic skills, the numbers were cut to five before Lillith unleashed a Ray of Frost spell on the supposed leader of the particular crew. A fight broke out, with Lillith disappearing into the Astral Plane for a brief moment and Darunia crushing a man's head with his bare hands without anyone noticing. 

After the battle was done, the party moved towards the back entrance specified by Oria and found a mechanism that required them all to press loose stones at once. When they did, a pathway opened before them and they walked through. The party discovered that their was something amiss about the tunnel they walked down and upon further inspection, they discovered large gears spread throughout. Skalli discerned that their was some sort of magical essence on the gears and Darunia successfully pulled one from its resting place, creating some noise in the process. 

As the party continued and came across a dead end, and as they bickered amongst themselves on what to do, the wall before them pulled apart to reveal the man they had been looking for, Cú Lainn. Darunia and Skalli attempted to persuade the leader that they were all on the same side, which were arguably not doing so well. When Lillith let slip that the party were there for Cú Lainn, a battle ensued. 

After a tough confrontation, the party came out on top by having Darunia knocking out the bandit leader with the pommel of his blade. With a now unconscious Cú Lainn, the party must make their way back to the Sapphire Scale Guild to collect their reward. Thus ending the first adventure for these unlikely heroes. 

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