Queen Eralda

Queen-Regent of the Senzarion Empire


A woman’s scorn is like hellfire, or so some say. None have ever felt scorn quite like Queen Eralda’s. The daughter of the Duke of Arian, Olra, Eralda had given birth to Richter outside of marriage, angering her father. However, three years after the birth of her son, Eralda was offered as a peace offering to King Solom, who saw much to love in the woman; something that she would hardly feel in return.

After becoming Queen of Senzario, Eralda gave birth to Aldis a year later. She always favoured Richter as her true son, while mainly seeing Aldis as a byproduct of the War and a marriage she didn’t want to be a part of. However, it was never shown through her actions.

When King Solom was assassinated a few weeks prior to the events of the campaign, Queen Eralda feigned grief and ordered for Aldis to be killed as punishment for his role in the killing. However, the council wouldn’t end up buying it (namely thanks to General Lea’s intervention), and ended up banishing the boy instead.

Since Richter became the ruler of Senzario and declared it now an Empire, Eralda became Queen-Regent and now does whatever she can to make sure her son is one of the more powerful men in Restria.

Queen Eralda

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