Prince Richter

Emperor of Senzario


Arrogant, powerful and, yet, handsome, Emperor Richter de Senzario took the throne of Reverance (Senzario’s capital) not long after his half-brother’s banishment at the council’s blessing. A learned man, Richter sees his brother’s keen interest in combat and violence below him, and turned to books to learn the ways of the world.

Not long after becoming King of Senzario, Richter abolished the council and all of its members being incarcerated under the belief that they assisted in King Solom’s assassination, and instigated the first Senzarion Empire. Appointing his longtime friend, Anton Nillia, as his advisor, Richter began a purge of the old system.

General Lea, King Solom’s trusted military and political advisor was beheaded under conspiracy laws and replaced by Artor Ven who is said to have taken the role of military advisor only to avoid the same fate as his superior.

It is unknown what the people of Senzario think of Emperor Richter, however, it is believed many are fearful of his iron might.

Prince Richter

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