Bandit Grunt- Archer


Somewhat scrawny than his bandit counterparts, Lavarn has a keen eye for archery and has therefore, become a scout for his bandit crew.
He has messy brown hair and hazel eyes and, when the party first encountered him, was dressed in treated fur armour and armed with a wooden bow and 20 arrows.


Lavarn joined Cú Lainn’s bandit crew after being forced out of home during one of their raids. Showing that he had skill with a bow and arrow, he was quickly placed under the leader’s band of scouts.
To the party, not much is known about Lavarn’s backstory, coming across him and three other bandit members as they journeyed to Falswon Ruins to complete their first job as Sapphire Scale Guild members.
Lavarn was quickly intimidated by Darunia the Half-Giant barbarian and Lillith the Tiefling Sorceror, and was forced to tell the group where Cú Lainn was and how to get in.
After a brief confrontation with the party and the two other bandits, Istril and Oria, Lavarn fled after Darunia grabbed Oria by the throat and threatened him, leaving his treasured bow and arrows behind.


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