Lesser Gobin


AC: 12
HP: 5-20
Strength: 9-12
Dexterity: 10-11
Vitality: 10-12
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 2-5

Experience: 9
Gold: 8

Attack—A standard clawing attack that deals 1d4 plus 1 damage

Defend—Increases AC by 1. Lesser Goblins can’t equip shields

Heed the call!—Will come to the aid of higher-tiered Goblins without question. When it does, gains advantage on all rolls for 3 turns.

Rush—For one turn, a Lesser Goblin can move twice as fast.

Resistances and Weaknesses:
Fire: Normal
Ice: Normal
Water: Normal
Earth: Normal
Air: x1.5
Lightning: Normal
Dark: Immune
Light: x2
Slashing: x1.5
Piercing: x1.5
Bludgeoning: x1.5


Lesser Gobin

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