Alexia von Belradg

Sister of Cyrus von Belradg


Rather Short for her age, Alexia has long curly sandy-blonde hair and large hazel eyes that just call forth a sense of innocence. Often known to be nearby with her distinctive pat, pat of her feet, she is described simply as adorable or friendly by her fellow guild-mates. Considered to be the book-keeper/receptionist for the Sapphire Scale Guild.


Sharing a fond appreciation for the Guild-master and her brother, Cyrus von Belradg, Alexia will often do anything to assist in maintaining the Sapphire Scale Guild’s reputation as the biggest guild in all of Meredith; even if that means dealing with the occasional riff-raff that comes with working alongside adventurers of all shapes and sizes.
Being slightly intimidated by the height of Darunia, and the appearance of Lillith, Alexia seems to get along just fine with Skalli, possibly due to their almost exact height.
Still, there seems to be more to Alexia than meets the eye. If the party ever learns more, it is yet to be seen.

Alexia von Belradg

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