Catastrophe Pixie

Level 5 to 8


AC: 14
HP: 35-80
Strength: 11-13
Dexterity: 13-15
Vitality: 10-11
Intelligence: 16-19
Wisdom: 15-16
Charisma: 11-15

Experience: 53
Gold: 47

Attack—A standard attack that deals 2+1d6 plus 4 worth of bludgeoning damage

Defend—Increases AC by 1.

Arcane Magic level 1—Can cast all level 1 Arcane spells

Protection Magic Level 1—Can cast all Level 1 Protection spells

Enamour—Attempt to charm an enemy with a Charisma saving throw. If failed, they are now charmed and won’t attack the creature or its allies.


Catastrophe Pixie

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