The Eternal

Chapter 2-2

Reunion of Enemies

After departing from the conversation from the day before, the party awakes to discuss plans concerning how they were going to get into Eraquas’ mansion to rescue Cyrus and, possibly, dispose of Eraquas himself. Seran, confident of their abilities, shouted them breakfast and told them that he was going to lead them to a well-known acquaintance of his that knows of a way to get them inside.

After about an hour, the party heads out into the town and, with nostalgia tickling at Darunia’s senses, Seran leads them to an alleyway, stopping halfway. As the party waited, Skalli noticed a cloaked figure attempting to stay hidden in the shadows between the alleyway entrance. After some coaxing, the figure appears and reveals himself to be Xehanort (although, not without some quiet conversation), Travor’s assistant.

With what seemed to be flicks of his wrists, Xehanort manages to dispel the magical illusion blocking the back entrance to Travor’s home and the party enters. Travor makes his appearance known, albeit, with some practical jokes beforehand. After brief conversations, Travor, who only looks to be a child, the party agrees to have their clothing changed by illusions into something that seemed as if they were working for Travor. Xehanort officially introduces himself to the group.

While forming the illusions for everyone, Travor has a discussion with Lillith about her arcane knowledge and experience. Furthermore, the young boy mentions a College that he once attended but left since he found it boring. Giving the offer for Lillith to go to the College to continue studying, and she agreed, leading to her departure from the group.

Meanwhile, the party agrees to split up once they get to the Chateau. Going into the Chateau  to rescue Cyrus was Darunia, Skalli, Xehanort and Aldis while Zarola, Seran and Travor pretended to be setting up the fireworks around the enormous Chateau grounds. Travelling to the Chateau in a carriage that Travor had already prepared fireworks in it, the party comes across an Elven archer also disguised by Travor’s illusions named Eryne.

Without further distractions, the party enters the main ballroom of the Eraquas Chateau—an enormous and illustrious marble construct. While spending their time in the ballroom, attempting to figure out a way to sneak out into the main building itself to find Cyrus, the party decides to split up only briefly. 

While Darunia, Skalli and Aldis approach a makeshift bar at the end of the massive hall, Aldis is recognised by two figures who approach the group and introduce themselves as Emperor Richter de Senzario and Anton Nillia. After brief, somewhat condescending words to Aldis and his newfound friends, they depart and disappear into the crowd. Meanwhile, Darunia continues to keep an eye out for Master Eraquas himself. 

Meanwhile, Eryne and Xehanort attempt to find a way out of the ballroom, until they come across a woman dressed in a golden dress, who introduces herself as Queen Eralda, the "ruler" of Senzario. She mistakens them for servants, and condescends them for not being as such.  

After reuniting with the group, despite Xehanort's attempts to get out of the ballroom being futile, Anton approaches the party and implores them to follow him. As they do so, Skalli and Darunia notice that Anton has no ulterior motives to help them, and Anton easily lets them through into the mansion's lobby. 

Having free reign to the rest of the mansion, the party decides to split up. Skalli and Aldis find themselves in a supply room for the mansion's many servants, with Skalli applying an invisibility spell on them both just in case. Darunia heads upstairs in an attempt to find Eraquas. 

Meanwhile, Xehanort and Eryne start heading down a nearby corridor, with Eryne heading down one adjacent to the large staircase Darunia went up, and found a locked door. She picked the lock with ease, while Xehanort, attempting to be sneaky, was discovered by two guards, who quickly initiated combat with the rogue. 

Eryne, Darunia, Skalli and Aldis hear the guards and attempt to make it to assist their friend. Despite reinforcements appearing to assist the guards, the party manages to mow them down with ease. Again, the party decides to go their separate ways. Darunia returns upstairs, while Xehanort checks the corridor where he found the guards and the rest of the party discovered a path to the basement of the mansion. 

Upstairs, Darunia discovers Eraquas' location alongside twenty other individuals in a large room. Knowing too well that he will be outnumbered, Darunia finds himself in Eraquas' quarters. He proceeds to then urinate on the bed and, taking a head from the guard below, placed it onto the bed to make it seem link someone was asleep in it. Moving to another door, Darunia notices a balcony overlooking the courtyard. Darunia then proceeds to move furniture to block the door. He succeeded to some degree, only making some noticeable noise when trying to move a larger sofa from the upstairs lobby. Darunia stops what he was doing and heads back downstairs. 

Xehanort sneaked down the corridor where he found the guards, and in doing so, came across suspicious looking statues. With some keen eye, he notices that the statues themselves had a small circular indentation on their mouths. Successfully traversing the traps, only managing to set one off but resisting the poisonous effect of the darts, Xehanort comes across a chest containing fifteen poison arrows. 

Downstairs, the rest of the party eventually finds Cyrus, rescuing him. He disperses the invisibility over Skalli and Aldis, and they start to head out of the dungeons. Before they do so, Xehanort comes down and checks out a room, finding playing cards and some gold, as well as finding a mutilated body in one of the remaining prison cells. Darunia charges through the basement, passing the group, and barging through the quarters of the guards, where a lone guard slept. Darunia violently interrogates the guard, before Cyrus and the party appear in the doorway. Darunia rejoins them, not before knocking the lone guard unconscious. 

As the party devised a getaway plan, Darunia admitted that Eraquas possibly knew of their presence after his failed attempt at moving the sofa, to which the party agreed to be quick. 

As they make it out into the courtyard, the party is met with a congregation headed by Eraquas himself. Seran, Zarola and Travor were all being held hostage by about ten of Eraquas' people. 

After a small conversation, a long and arduous battle ensues, leaving Darunia unconscious, but revived, and Seran unconscious until the end of battle. After Eraquas was struck down by Eryne's arrows, Darunia proceeds to behead him, gut him and quickly takes him to the balcony that he had seen and flings the body over it, displaying the head as if it were mounted on a pike. 

Meanwhile, Travor prepares the carriage and the party escapes the Chateau, possibly freeing the town of Leanora from the corrupt crime lord.  


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