The Eternal

Chapter 2-1

The Problem with Cyrus

The next morning, the party awoke to the sound of preparations being made around the guild. Having lost their guild-master, people were beginning to become concerned. With that, the party decided to head straight to Alron Magus' shop in the market district. 

Coming upon a strange, run-down place, the party was welcomed by an elderly gentleman they discovered was Alron Magus himself. He spoke of his brother, Aulron and, after a brief conversation with the group, recharged Darunia's Ruby Battleaxe. 

After a bit of prying, the party also learns of Alron and Aulron being the same person. During on of his various magical experiments, a curious Alron managed to split himself into two people, aging him in the process. Alron represents his intelligent and curious side, whereas Aulron represents his courage and strength. Alron then asks the party to assist him if they ever have the chance to, to which they agree. 

With that, the party heads off from Etria's western gates towards Leanora. As they travel across a hilly plain, they encounter a group of three Pixies. Without even attempting to discuss with the Pixies, who were minding their own business by the way, the party engaged in combat with them. With the Pixies dealt with, but not without some difficult wounds to heal, the party moves on towards Leanora. 

As they continue along the path, they are met by an envoy from Etria heading towards Leanora to attend the Carnival of Yam celebrations at the Eraquas Chateau, a place of interest in their search for Cyrus. After brief conversation, the party gain rides to Leanora. Aldis and Zarola had gone their separate ways to get inside the city walls, however. 

Within the city, the party hear whispers calling them into an alleyway and they follow to discover Aldis and Zarola had found their way inside. However, four guards (two of which the party recognised from the city entrance, appeared and declared that Eraquas knew that the Sapphire Scale Guild would send people to free Cyrus. A battle ensued. 

With the party victorious, however not without Lillith falling unconscious halfway due to the wounds inflicted by the Pixies earlier that same day, their victory was short lived as a man in a black cloak appeared as if from no where. 

He mentions of a "test" that will fall upon the world shortly and that they will all play an enormous role in that test. Darunia especially wanted to fight the figure, but before anything of the like could occur, the figure vanished, leaving the party confused and pondering his words. 

As they headed towards the docks, the seaside air being nostalgic to Darunia, the party comes across the Seaside Siren Inn. Within, Lillith, Aldis and Zarola retired to a room while Darunia and Skalli decided to stay up and chat. As they did, Darunia's old friend, Seran entered and joined them. He revealed that Darunia's old ship was destroyed a few weeks prior by a Duchy of Arian ship. 

When Seran came to, he was the only one left alive and a metallic orb (which he presents to the duo) was all that he could find. With some attempts to open the orb, to which they both fail, Darunia and Skalli handed the orb back to Seran. 

Darunia and Skalli mention their want to get into the Eraquas Chateau to find their friend, and Seran mentions Travor as the only one who could get them inside. For that, the party retired for the evening, promising to Seran to meet him in the inn's lobby to go to Travor's the next day. 


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