The Eternal

Chapter 1-2

Trials and Tribulations

After the long and arduous battle against Cu Lainn, the party discuss quickly what they are to do with the unconscious body. Eventually they settled with hogtying him and having Darunia sling the bandit leader over his shoulder, which he did with ease. 

With further investigation of the surrounding throne room, Darunia found an unusual battle-axe and quickly added it to his inventory. Skalli and Lillith found a chest with a bunch of gold and two daggers within. They shared the gold, while Skalli pocketed the daggers. Without further issues, the party departed through the same corridor they managed to come in from and made their way to Etria. 

At the southern gates, they met up with the same guard that Skalli had taken a whiff of Elder Weed with; looking slightly inebriated from the effects of the hallucinogenic substance. When they made it back to the Sapphire Scale Guild, the party was met with shock as they managed to do something that not many people had before. With Cyrus himself giving them his approval, the party had been given the amount of gold for Cu Lainn's bounty and the party went their separate ways—Skalli and Lillith went to sleep while Darunia went to the blacksmith to place Cu Lainn and to have the battle-axe checked. 

After some time, the blacksmith, Aulron managed to find out that the battle-axe had the capability to split at the top and add a fire effect to its attacks. Aulron spoke of an ancient civilisation who had once been able to imbue weapons and other things with curious machinations. As such, Darunia took the opportunity to take the weapon. 

The next day, the party was summoned to Cyrus to his own quarters. When they arrived, the party was met with the youthful gaze of a teenage boy and the cold shoulder from a teenage girl. Both looked matted and weary, as if they had traveled a long distance. 

Cyrus introduces the pair as Aldis and Zarola and advises the party that they will be training them to become part of the Sapphire Scale Guild. Skalli and Darunia took this information as if they were babysitting a group of unruly teenagers, while Lillith seemed indifferent to the whole affair. With some backchat from Zarola and tensions growing slightly to boiling point, Cyrus cools the conversation down by asking Aldis and Zarola to wait outside as he has a word to the party.

As the pair listened, not without some hesitation on Zarola's part, Cyrus revealed the pair's true identities. Aldis was the former Prince of Senzario, who was banished after being accused of murdering the King. Cyrus reveals that the Commander of the Senzaion Army, Lea, had given Aldis a letter that pertained his concerns about the event. 

As such, Cyrus was giving the party the job to train Aldis and Zarola up enough until "the time is right for Aldis to take back the throne that is rightfully his". After learning the context of the situation, the party agrees to the job and Cyrus calls the pair back inside. 

Their first job as a collective was to find a lost dog within the Moss Caves. As they do so, the party traverses the Goblin-infested Moss Caves until they come across an underground lake. There, they found the lost dog, growling and barking at something within the water.

The party is confronted by an Ogre and, despite it being a long and difficult battle, they manage to come out on top. Heading back outside, Skalli hears a voice within her mind and the party takes a slight detour to meet Pan, the patron deity of Nature and one that Skalli's people worshipped quite heavily. 

Pan mentions how his power is weakened and he fears that something terrible is coming to befall the world soon enough. He mentions that, if the party can find the Song of the Nymphs, then he may be able to regain some of his power and join them. After that conversation, the party left the Moss Caves and headed back to Etria. 

Once they had made it back to the Sapphire Scale Guild, they found Alexia slightly distraught. She mentions how her brother, Cyrus, has gone missing and might be at the port town of Leanora. With that, the party decided to rest for the night and to head off to see Alron Magus before beginning their trek towards Leanora in an attempt to rescue Cyrus.  


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