The Eternal

Chapter 1-1

Welcome to the Sapphire Scale Guild

Sometimes, fate has a funny way of working. Led to the Sapphire Scale Guild due to being sent a similar letter of invitation, three unlikely adventurers meet. Darunia Stormbane, a Half-Giant Barbarian, Skalli Yorrisdottir, a Dwarven Bard, and Lillith, a Tiefling Sorceror are given a quick tour of the guild's inhabitants, thanks in part to Darunia almost kicking the door off its hinges. 

They caught the eye of Alexia, the guild's receptionist, who informed them that the guild-master, Cyrus von Belradg would be unable to meet with them immediately. Instead, she had them turn their attention to the noticeboard. There, the party came across three separate requests. Skalli took an immediate interest in one that discussed helping a farmer taking care of vermin, while Darunia saw a symbol that looked oddly familiar on a request higher up. 

Upon further investigation, the request spoke of apprehending (not mentioned whether to be dead or alive) a deserter turned rogue named Cú Lainn. Alexia warned Darunia of the dangers of taking upon such a request without Cyrus' direct permission and how the guild has already lost some good people to this particular request; but the Half-Giant just scoffed and within moments, the party was off on their first adventure. 

Given some provisions from Alexia (including a waterskin each and 3 days worth of rations), the party set off for the Southern Gate, where they were to head towards Falswon Ruins, as depicted by the request. There they came across a guard who seemed slightly inebriated by something. Upon further inspection, Skalli was handed his smoking pipe and she took a mouthful of Elder Grass, a strong hallucinogen. After a brief moment of feeling slightly high, she felt even more invigorated than normal. With that, the party continued on their way. 

About an hour into their journey, Darunia and Skalli both felt peckish. Darunia managed to sneak up and kill a boar, which he slung over his shoulder thanks to rope, and gathered some apples, which he shared with the group. Further down their way, the party came across a bandit archer named Lavarn and his comrades. 

After a brief fight, which had Lillith casting devastating magic on Lavarn—yet not enough to do perilous harm—Darunia managed to pick up Oria, another bandit, and threaten for the others to drop their weapons, which they did without hesitation. After Lavarn and the remaining bandit fled, the party interrogated Oria, who revealed the back entrance to the Falswon Ruins. He also promised to the party to return to him after they have dealt with Cú Lainn for an unspecified reward. 

The party continued, coming across the Falswon Ruins, where they were met with ten bandits. However, through a mixture of careful negotiation and Skalli's bardic skills, the numbers were cut to five before Lillith unleashed a Ray of Frost spell on the supposed leader of the particular crew. A fight broke out, with Lillith disappearing into the Astral Plane for a brief moment and Darunia crushing a man's head with his bare hands without anyone noticing. 

After the battle was done, the party moved towards the back entrance specified by Oria and found a mechanism that required them all to press loose stones at once. When they did, a pathway opened before them and they walked through. The party discovered that their was something amiss about the tunnel they walked down and upon further inspection, they discovered large gears spread throughout. Skalli discerned that their was some sort of magical essence on the gears and Darunia successfully pulled one from its resting place, creating some noise in the process. 

As the party continued and came across a dead end, and as they bickered amongst themselves on what to do, the wall before them pulled apart to reveal the man they had been looking for, Cú Lainn. Darunia and Skalli attempted to persuade the leader that they were all on the same side, which were arguably not doing so well. When Lillith let slip that the party were there for Cú Lainn, a battle ensued. 

After a tough confrontation, the party came out on top by having Darunia knocking out the bandit leader with the pommel of his blade. With a now unconscious Cú Lainn, the party must make their way back to the Sapphire Scale Guild to collect their reward. Thus ending the first adventure for these unlikely heroes. 


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